Expert Bathing & Grooming 
quality through meticulous patience

“My Shih Tzu always comes out looking 10 years younger! Hands-down the best groomer. The only place I would take my princess.”
- Quynh T. ★★★★★ 5/5


OUR GROOMING STYLE is best described as patient and meticulous. Our groomers have been styling Manhattan’s furry friends for more than 50 combined years. We specialize in scissoring, hand-stripping, and cat grooming. Ask for a breed specific cut, puppy cut, or customize to your liking.

HOW OFTEN? Because our city pets are constantly exposed to dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria that can damage their coats and skin, we recommend grooming every 4-6 weeks and bathing (with a proper brush out!) approximately every 10 days by a professional. In addition to thorough brushing at home, regular salon visits allow us to keep a closer eye on the condition and well-being of your pet, prevent matting, and more.

GROOMER’S PLEDGE! Let's work together to find a style that works best for you and the comfort of your best friend. Our goal is to provide a grooming certain to please. We offer same day and next day touch-ups if you feel something is out of place. Most importantly, we are all about showin' the love to each and every precious pet that we groom. We pamper pets!

Montana, a loyal client for many years!

Montana, a loyal client for many years!

Bath & Basics

$49 - $200

Pre-bath brush out, nail trim, and medicated ear cleaning. Then it's time for a deep shampoo scrub and a conditioning massage followed by finishing brush & fluff dry. Using only luxury products like Les Poochs ensures your pet leaves feeling and smelling their best. Don't forget to request oral cleaning! Book now!


Mini Groom

$90 - $240

Not ready for a full groom? Bath & Basics plus expert hair cutting & styling using a combination of clipping & scissoring to achieve your desired look on the face, head, tail, paws, and sanitary, excluding body and legs. Don't forget to request oral cleaning! Book now!


Full Groom

$105 - $300

The works! Bath & Basics plus expert hair cutting & styling over the entire body using clipping & scissoring to achieve your desired look. Pricing is best determined upon assessment, subject to size, breed, condition, and type of cut. Don't forget to request oral cleaning! Book now!


Cat Services


For safety, we start with nail trimming. After a pre-bath brush out and medicated ear cleaning, into the tub for a deep shampoo scrub and a conditioner massage, followed by a post-bath brush out and fluff dry. Then, we move on to the haircutting and styling (optional) - ranging from a light trim to a lion cut, and anything in between. Don't forget to request oral cleaning! Book now!

My kitty not only looked lovely but obviously was well-cared for. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
— Stefanie S. ★★★★★ 5/5



Handstripping is a skillset only offered by a particular type of groomer due to the laborious and specialized nature of styling for wire-haired & rough-coated dogs. We strip clients who commit to recurring schedules. Patterns must be set for dogs who are just starting the process or have not been stripped in the last 3 months. Book now!

Additional Specialties & Premium Add-Ons

DEGREASER - All-in-one grease, gunk, and grime fighter with a pleasant citrus scent! Doubles as a natural flea & tick killer! We remove fleas and ticks that are visible on the coat and skin, while our degreaser kills unseen larvae and eggs on contact. Add $10 to your bath & basics!

BRIGHTENING - Enriched with Swiss Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Pro-Vitamin B5, and natural brighteners, this pH-balanced formula penetrates the hair shaft to counteract the yellowing from the sun and elements. Nourishing and moisturizing, removes coat dullness, and produces a spectacular lustrous shine. Add $10 to your bath & basics! Add blueberry facial for $5 more!

BLUEBERRY FACIAL - Blueberry antioxidants & rich purple counteract yellow tones and stains to reveal bright and lustrous hair. Add $10 to your bath & basics! Add full body brighten for $5 more!

HYPOALLERGENIC - Revives skin and coats with non-irritating, unscented, pH balanced formula. Gentle exfoliates leave the epidermis free to breathe without heavy residue. Followed by a hypoallergenic crème rinse. Add $10 to your bath & basics!

MEDACETIC - Healthy coats begin with healthy skin. Clean and soothe gently with a preservative-free, acetic and boric acid formula. Effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal that aids in the topical treatment of seborrhea complex, irritation, and other skin conditions. Add $10 to your bath & basics!

DEAD SEA SCRUB - Vitamin & mineral-rich mud sourced from Jordan rejuvenates the skin, relaxes muscles, and eases joint pain. Natural oils leave the hair soft and moisturized. Add $25 to your bath & basics!

ORAL CARE - Using a finger brush with a proprietary blend of oils and extracts, we brush your pet's teeth from front to back! A finishing spray of the same natural ingredients is applied to teeth and gums to ensure a doubly-effective coating. Routine oral care reduces plaque, bad breath, and increase wellness and dental hygiene. Add $18.

NAIL TREATMENT - While nail trimming is included with bath & basics, we accept nail trim walk-ins. Most dogs will grind down any roughness on their newly cut nails walking on the sidewalk, but if you're looking for a finished, cleaner edge on the spot, then nail grinding is the best option. Trimming gets the nails as short as possible. Grinding smooths the edges. Walk-in Trim: $20 for dogs & $30 for cats. Walk-in Grinding Only: $30. Walk-in Trim & Grind: $40. Bath & Basics Grinding Upgrade: $15.

‘PUPPY’S FIRST GROOMING’ KEEPSAKE - Forever cherish your best friend with a small keepsake glass bottle containing freshly-groomed hair. $5.