Matting & Your Pet

Walter’s Pet Styles is principally committed to “Showin’ the Love” through our Pets First Policy. As pet industry professionals, it is our ethical responsibility to advocate on behalf of your animal’s best interest and well-being, always. We pledge to serve with standards that promote humane and force-free options.

This goldendoodle’s coat is excessively tangled

What is Matting?

  • Tangling and knotting of the pet’s coat caused by improper and infrequent brushing.

  • Excessive tangling and knotting of a pet’s topcoat and undercoat is painful and harmful.

  • Blood supply to skin and extremities becomes blocked. Thick, clumped hair traps dirt and debris under the coat, leaving skin unable to breathe.

  • Contributes to hot spots, sores, rashes, fungal and bacterial infections, eczema, urine and feces burns, eye and ear infections, discoloration of coat, mites, lice, fleas, ticks, maggots, and more.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the owner to maintain the pet’s coat between grooming appointments!


What is Dematting?

  • Dematting is the removal of tangles and knots.

  • While minor tangles may be resolved by brushing or combing, excessive matting must be carefully removed with electric clippers and scissors. Attempting to brush excessive matting is painful and harmful to the animal’s overall wellbeing, skin, and coat.

  • Clipping with a close blade is the least stressful, most humane, and the only force-free solution. Previously concealed skin conditions can now be properly addressed.

  • Walter’s Pet Styles will not brush out excessive matting.


Preventing Matting

  • Prevention begins at home with frequent combing and brushing (upwards to three times per day). Improper techniques such as brushing the topcoat only will create undercoat matting. Instead, separate the hair, brush & comb in multiple directions from root to tip.

  • Make it fun and enjoyable through positive association-- provide high power treats that only come out for brushing time.

  • Frequent, scheduled grooming & bathing appointments every 4-6 weeks regardless of length

  • Dogs attending daycare, dog parks, or other social settings require more attention - imagine the tangles after romping and slobbering!

  • Establish a manageable haircut for you and your pet’s lifestyle!

  • Purchase combs and brushes best suited for your pet’s breed at Walter’s Pet Styles.

  • Join the Wellness & Maintenance Plan

Walter’s Pet Styles Matting Policy

  • We refuse to brush out excessive matting. Minor cases may be carefully brushed or combed out in accordance with our force-free standards.

  • Coat condition will be assessed prior to starting any work.

  • Where close clipping is required, owner must grant consent and pay a 50% Dematting Surcharge above the grooming price.

  • Without consent, pet will be returned as-is and pre-payment forfeited.

  • In the event that the owner is unable to provide consent by phone, email, or in-person by appointment start time (ex: dog walker delivers to us and we can’t reach you), work will not begin. As such, we can not guarantee the originally quoted completion time.

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