Employee Self-Evaluation

From time to time, staff members may be asked to assess themselves within the standards of our principles.

Name *
Fulfillment of Guiding Principles
I am an ambassador for animals in our care and proudly promote their best interests with honor. It is my privilege to serve with purpose and passion. *
I am responsive to the expressed and unexpressed needs of our clients. *
I am a devoted member of a team who contributes to collective goals. *
I handle all situations peacefully through etiquette and with integrity. *
I am an upstanding individual who speaks and acts deliberately and delicately on the job and in my personal life through defining character qualities: reliability, sincerity, trust, and respect. *
I am an effective communicator. *
I am patient and meticulous. *
I continue learning through professional certifications and personal achievements. *
I set positive examples that inspire others and I will actively recognize when others do the same. *
I am responsible for uncompromising levels of cleanliness and creating a safe and accident-free environment. *
I am proud of my professional appearance and actions which positively reflect our company’s image. *
I am respectful to my fellow staff, clients, neighbors, and competitors. *
I am dependable and reliable because I keep promises and fulfill commitments. *
I own and immediately resolve problems and service failures. *
I protect the privacy and security of our clientele, staff, and the company’s confidential information, and assets. *
I am empowered to create and maintain a memorable experience for our clients. *
Fulfillment of The 3 Steps of Service
I always give a warm welcome and sincere farewell using the client’s name. *
I am prepared to anticipate and acknowledge the client’s needs. *
I am self-empowered to utilize team resources to exceed the client’s expectations. *
Additional Skills & Knowledge
I clearly understand and actively enforce to the “3 Second Rule.” When a dog uses the bathroom, I am quick to clean the soiled areas to eliminate the risk of bacteria and infection. *
I clearly understand and actively enforce the “Oops! System.” I mark the dog’s undesirable behavior by saying “Oops!” during his action, followed immediately by temporarily crating or separating him from the pack. When the dog is calm, I return him to the pack promptly and reward desirable behaviors. *
Though I am constantly managing the pack to prevent dog-on-dog incidents, I am prompt and effective in separate dogs when altercations arises. I will always work to ensure the safety and security of the pack. *
While relaying information verbally is important, a written record is essential for ensuring communication does not get lost. I actively create written records and relay that information to other team members verbally. *
I keep my managers and co-workers informed of my work progress without them asking me. *
I use my creativity within my roles. While rules and procedures are established for certain reasons, I seek improvements in day-to-day tasks. Before presenting my opinion, I ensure my ideas are thoughtful and constructive. *
Early is On Time, On Time is Late, and Late is Unacceptable! Because I’m a respectful individual, I plan my day in advance to ensure timeliness, prevent scheduling conflicts, and communicate effectively when unforeseen incidents arise. *
Because I am a proud representative of my company, I actively maintain professional standards. My appearance, attire, and attitude reflect the values of Walter’s Pet Styles. *
Written Assessment